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Theatre Classes

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The Young Theatre Company - youth theatre in worksop

Our weekly Theatre Classes combine drama, dance & singing in a fun, fast-moving format, making each lesson an exciting experience!

Our hugely popular Theatre Classes last an hour and take place on weekday evenings at The Acorn Theatre, Worksop.

Working alongside our highly experienced teachers, pupils develop their talents & self confidence, & enjoy rehearsing & performing magical productions on a real theatre stage!

Classes are split into three age groups: Nippers, Juniors and Seniors.

- Our Theatre Classes -

Youth Theatre In Worksop


for YR-Y2 (age 5-7)

For children aged 5 to 7 (YR-Y2), our Nippers Theatre Class runs for 1 hour each week and covers musical theatre skills with games and activities to help develop each child’s imagination, confidence and self-expression. Pupils participate in dance, drama and singing, working towards full stage productions.

Youth Theatre In Worksop


for Y3-Y6 (age 7-11)

For children aged 7 to 11 (Y3-Y6) , our Junior Theatre Class runs for 1 hour each week and develops their musical theatre skills in a fun and exciting way, with many opportunities to perform. Pupils participate in dance, drama and singing, working towards full stage productions.

Youth Theatre In Worksop


for Y7+ (age 11+)

For children aged 11+ (Y7+), our Senior Theatre Classruns for 1 hour each week and develops the theatre skills of older students who wish to further their performing experience and talents. Pupils participate in all performing arts, working towards full stage productions.

Term Dates

We have 3 terms a year in line with schools – Autumn (Sep to Dec), Spring (Jan to Apr) and Summer (Apr to Jul). Full dates can be found in our Spotlight Newsletter and on our Calendar Page.


Class fees are £65 per term and must be paid in advance to secure any class place. Fees can be paid quickly and easily at our online YTC Shop.


We have various classes available on different days, with Junior and Senior classes split into 3 colours – Red, Yellow and Blue.

Mon5.15-6.15pmRed Juniors
Mon6.30-7.30pmRed Seniors
Tue4.00-5.00pmYellow Juniors
Tue5.15-6.15pmYellow Seniors
Wed4.00-5.00pmBlue Juniors
Wed5.15-6.15pmBlue Seniors