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Jurassic Ark

Performed by all students

Jurassic Ark combines two smash-hit shows in one magical musical double-bill!

In Act 1, our Nippers and Juniors take you on a trip of lifetime in the musical “SPLASH!” In Act 2, our Seniors take you on a journey to the dawn of time in the musical “Rock Bottom”! See below for details of each musical and backstage pass links for the songs!

Currently In Production...


Performed by Nippers & Juniors

Part of our double-bill show “Jurassic Ark” along with the Seniors’ production of Rock Bottom!

Take the trip of a lifetime with “SPLASH!” –  a musical comedy version of Noah’s Ark… told from the animals’ point of view!

Preston Parrot is on a mission to save his animal friends from the greatest flood in history. But when no one believes his news, he resorts to a little deception and arranges a luxury cruise on board “The Ark!” Aboard, you’ll find a crew of colourful comic characters, including ballroom dancing giraffes, loopy lemmings, a band of brutal pirate rats and a love-sick French cat! The journey is overflowing with surprises – a rock and roll party, a kidnap, a storm and a rescue are just some of the twists and turns that make this show an adventure you’ll never forget!

Currently In Production...

Rock Bottom

Performed by Senior Theatre Class

Part of our double-bill show “Jurassic Ark” along with the Juniors’ production of Splash!

Journey back to the dawn of time in “Rock Bottom” – the prehistorical hysterical Stone Age rock musical!

Meet The Cobblestones, just an ordinary Stone Age family of cave folk living on Stoney Street, Rock Bottom! But when cave boy inventor Bobby Cobblestone hatches his very first good idea, he’s whisked off to work for none other than the beautiful celebrity Lady Lava! Unfortunately, BC is soon up to his neanderthal neck in trouble when he discovers his new boss hides a dark secret that will rock Rock Bottom to its foundations. With mysterious monsters terrorising the town and a volatile volcano ready to blow its top, can BC become a little boulder and hatch a plan to save his family, his friends and his very own precious Rock Bottom? Only time will tell…

Currently In Production...


Performed by Adult Theatre Class

AULT THEATRE CLASS introduce the world’s newest, greatest and most unlikely Superhero in this comical musical that’s packed with muscle and marvel!

Stanley Marvel may be the clumsiest clot in Megaville, but when his crazy Gran and her crumbly chums reveal an earth-shattering secret, Stan’s shocked to discover his own true identity! With a dose of secret formula and a pair of fantastic elastic anti-gravity underpants, Stanley Marvel takes to the skies as Superstan – a caped crusader fighting for truth, freedom and justice with his super powers, super tights and the strength to open a really tricky jar of pickles!