for Primary Schools

Our Theatre Week Package for Primary Schools is a fun-packed “Show In A Week” workshop , resulting in a dazzling performance of a side-splitting, toe-tapping musical!

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Ali Baba & The Bongo Bandits

Book, music & lyrics by Craig Hawes

Slip on your sandals for some sandy silliness as we take a thrilling carpet ride with Ali Baba and his crazy camel on an amazing Arabian adventure!

The ancient city of Old Baghdad is in chaos. Whilst the bustling bazaar is overrun with ruthless robbers, up in the palace Sultan Pepper’s precious princess and Royal Ruby have vanished! To make matters worse, it seems the poor Sultan cannot trust his own Vizier, Mustapha Widdle, nor his mischievous monkey Booboo. So when Ali Baba discovers the hidden Cave Of Wonders, secret hideout of Balthazar Bongo and his bumbling bandits, it’s down to him to save the day! But when his ravenous, tap-dancing camel Humphrey bites off more than he can chew and Ali is accused of royal robbery, his fate seems as sealed as the Cave Of Wonders itself! With the sands of time rapidly running out, will Ali escape the clutches of the evil Vizier? Will he find and free the imprisoned princess? And what’s in store when Ali and Bongo finally meet… fez to fez? 


If you’re a pupil who will be working with us on this production at school, then welcome – you’re going to have a fabulous time!

To help you prepare for your production, we have a special page for you where you can play and sing along to all the show songs. But as this is a top secret page for cast only, you’ll need your Backstage Password you were given at school.

Click the button below to access the songs page: